PEX-B pipes

Our offer

The advantage of working with a real manufacturer. All our PEX pipes and fittings are made by us in Spain in our factories of Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria) and Palau de Plegamans (Barcelone).

Competitive prices. Working with a real manufacturer like Blansol will let you save on your PEX and multilayer purchases. Buy directly from the factory with no intermediaries.

The best partner for you. As a producer we offer top quality products, a reliable service and stable and unbeatable prices.

New range of PPSU fittings. Combine our PEX-B pipes with the brass fittings and with our new PPSU made fittings and you will get an even more competitive price.

A strong international presence. Industrial Blansol has commercial presence in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Certified products. Our products are certified by the competent authorities in Spain, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, among other countries.

PEX-B pipes. Product description

Cross-linked monolayer polyethylene pipe manufactured according to European Norm EN 15875-2.

Industrial Blansol’s PEX-B pipes are manufactured using the Monosil technology, technology that comes from the optic fibre manufacturing industry.

Monosil technology ensures a 35% higher pressure resistance compared to pipes manufactured using other production methods.

The higher resistance of Blansol’s PEX-B pipes is achieved because the links between the polyethylene chains are tridimensional while the links obtained with other production methods are bidimensional.

Advantages of Blansol’s PEX-B pipes

Thanks to our condition of manufacturer and to our 65 years of experience in the plastic extruding industry we can offer our clients a whole range of PEX-B pipes (nudes, corrugated pipes, insulated, EVOH and EVOH corrugated pipes) at unbeatable prices.

We work with the most important wholesalers in the plumbing and heating industry and we sell our products in more than 50 countries.

The main advantage of our PEX-B pipes is its pressure and high temperatures resistance.

Other advantages of Blansol PEX-B pipes are:

  • Flexibility.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Lightness. They are easy to handle and to transport.
  • Confort. Noise transmission reduction.
  • No lime deposits.
  • No frost breaks.
  • Guaranteed by Blansol, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the production of PEX pipes.

Blansol’s PEX-B pipes are certified by Spanish (AENOR) and French (CSTB) authorities.

Our range of PEX-B pipes

We offer our clients the complete range of PEX-B pipes used in Europe.

  • Nude pipes
  • Corrugated pipes (simple and double pipe-in-pipe)
  • Insulated corrugated pipes
  • EVOH pipes
  • EVOH corrugated pipes

Nude pipes

We offer our nude pipes in two different formats, coils or bars, so that we cover all the needs that may arise in an installation.

Corrugated pipes. Simple pipe-in-pipe

The polypropylene corrugated duct of Blansol’s corrugated pipes provides an external protection to the pipe that prevents from damages that may appear in the surface of the pipe.

Besides, the corrugated duct allows an easy substitution of the pipe if needed. Thanks to the use of corrugated pipes you will just take out the damaged pipe by pulling it out and introduce a new pipe with no need of major work.

Blansol manufactures its range of corrugated pipes in one single process. The production of the inner pipe and of the duct at the same time let us be very efficient and offer our clients very competitive prices.

DUO pipes. Double pipe-in-pipe

Blansol not only produces simple corrugated pipes but also double corrugated pipes (DUO pipes).

Blansol’s DUO pipes are a red and a blue PEX-B pipe inserted in a black corrugated duct.

Insulated corrugated pipes

The insulation of insulated corrugated pipes avoids heat losses and condensations.

EVOH pipes

Oxygen barrier pipes (EVOH pipes) reduce the corrosion risk at heating installations.

It is highly recommended the use of EVOH pipes at Underfloor Heating installations and at radiator heated installations.

Our range of PEX-b pipes:

Pipe Dimension lenght Colour
Nude pipes 10×12 120/240/800 meters Blue/Red
Nude pipes 13×16 120/200/240/800m. Blue/Red
Nude pipes 16,2×20 120/200/240 meters Blue/Red
Nude pipes 20,4×25 50/100 meters Blue/Red
Nude pipes 26,2×32 50 meters Blue/Red
Corrugated pipes 10×12 100 meters Blue/Red
Corrugated pipes 13×16 100 meters Blue/Red
Corrugated pipes 16,2×20 50 meters Blue/Red
Corrugated pipes 20,4×25 50 meters Blue/Red
DUO pipes 10×12 100 meters Black
DUO pipes 13×16 50 meters Black
Insulated corrugated pipes 10×12 50 meters Blue/Red
Insulated corrugated pipes 13×16 50 meters Blue/Red
Insulated corrugated pipes 16,2×20 50 meters Blue/Red
EVOH pipes 10×12 240 meters White/Blue/Red
EVOH pipe 13×16 240/500 meters Blue/Red
EVOH pipe 16,2×20 120/240/400 meters Blue/Red
EVOH corrugated pipes 10×12 100 meters Blue/Red
EVOH corrugated pipes 13×16 100 meters Blue/Red
EVOH corrugated pipes 16,2×20 50 meters Blue/Red

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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our range of PEX-B pipes and about our commercial offer. We will be pleased to discuss with you about the possibilities of collaboration between our companies.

Contact us and you will work with a reliable partner who will offer you an excellent range of products, a good service and unbeatable prices.

Other products manufactured by Blansol

Apart from PEX-B pipes we also produce peroxide made crosslinked pipes (PEX-A pipes) in our factory at Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria – Spain). Click here for more information about our PEX-A pipes.

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