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Guaranteed by Industrial Blansol. Working with us you will count with the most modern plastic pipe factory in the South of Europe and you will benefit from Blansol’s 65 years of experience in the plastic pipe systems industry.

A strong international presence. You can find our pipes and fittings systems in more than 50 countries all over the world.

A certified product. Blansol’s Barbi PERT II EVOH pipes are a product certified by the Spanish authorities (AENOR) complying with the European Norm UNE EN ISO 22391.

Barbi PERT II EVOH pipes. Description of the product

Blansol’s Barbi PERT II EVOH pipes are manufactured using PERT II according to the Norm UNE EN ISO 22391.

The PERT II EVOH pipes are composed of a latest generation ethylene and octane copolymer that provides the pipe long-term hydrostatic resistance.

The EVOH anti-oxygen barrier is a thin layer of ethyl-vinil-alcohol copolymer that avoids the diffusion of the oxygen through the pipe, eliminating the problem of oxygen addition to the water flow and the corrosion of the metallic elements of the installation.

For that reason the use of PERT II EVOH pipes increases the lifetime of the installations.

The flexibility of PERT II EVOH pipes makes these pipes especially suitable for underfloor heating installations, installations where pipes have to be frequently bended and where the flexibility of PERT II EVOH pipes makes the work of the installer much easier.

Advantages of PERT II EVOH pipes

  • Flexibility. PERT II EVOH pipes can be bended easily without needing any special tools, what saves time and reduces the number of fittings required.
  • Simple installation. No welding or machining operations are required.
  • Antioxygen barrier. Due to the external layer of EVOH, PERT II EVOH pipes avoid both the corrosion of the metal components of the installation and the formation of mud that can clog the lockshield valves in underfloor heating installations.
  • Frost resistance. In case of frost, PERT II EVOH pipes, thanks to their flexibility, will simply expand. They do not burst for water freezing inside.
  • Resistance to high pressure. Due to their manufacturing process, PERT II EVOH pipes are more resistant to high pressure.
  • Energy savings. Their low heat conductivity coefficient allows energy savings thanks to the reduction of heat losses and water condensations.
  • Resistance to corrosion. Barbi PERT II EVOH pipes cannot be attacked by most chemical substances (acid, base, anti-freeze, etc) and are resistant to all kind of corrosions.
  • Higher flow. Due to their smooth surface, these pipes show less pressure losses than metallic pipes. So, you obtain more water flow with the same inner diameter.
  • Lack of lime and other material deposits. Thanks to their smooth surface, lime deposits, so frequents in metallic pipes, are avoided.
  • No electricity conductive. These pipes do not generate any type of galvanic corrosion.
  • Lightness. Barbi pipes are 4 times lighter than copper pipes for equivalent diameters. This lightness makes them easier to handle and to transport.
  • Suitable for drinking water. These pipes do not modify the organoleptic properties of the water.
  • Thermal memory. PERT II EVOH pipes regain their original shape when hot air is applied on them. This lets the installer correct installation mistakes and lets carry out the repairs more easily.
  • Noise reduction. As they are manufactured with polyethylene, the transmission of acoustic waves is reduced compared with metal pipes.

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Apart from PERT II EVOH pipes, Blansol has a wide range of PEX and multilayer pipes.

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