INDUSTRIAL BLANSOL, S.A is one of the oldest European companies in the industry of plastic pipes and brass fittings manufacturing for sanitary water conduction and heating applications.

Though in the previous years we dedicated ourselves to other fields, BLANSOL’s activity in the industry of brass fittings began in 1955 and we started our activity in the world of plastics in the early sixties.

Headquarters of Industrial Blansol, S.A. Ambrosero (Cantabria)

Headquarters of Industrial Blansol, S.A. Ambrosero (Cantabria)

BLANSOL is a family company with a great entrepreneurial tradition, which allows us to understand the needs of our clients, to be sensitive to their problems and to share with them their illusions and projects, since, most of them are, like us, followers of a family business tradition.

In this sense, we are especially proud that most of our clients have already been working with us for several decades.