Multilayer pipes (PERT-Al-PERT pipes)

Blansol produces PERT-Al-PERT pipes in its factory at Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria-Spain). The company offers the complete PERT-Al-PERT system as it produces also the fittings for the multilayer pipes.

PERT-Al-PERT Pipes production line. BlansolPERT material is a non cross-linked polyethylene which contains specific additives that provide the polyethylene with strong resistance to high temperatures. This material does not require any cross-linking process.

PERT-Al-PERT multilayer pipes have two major advantages:

  • Flexibility.
  • Competitive cost.

With this material we produce ideal pipes for sanitary and heating installations.

Multilayer PERT-Al-PERT pipes are compatible with the following union systems produced by Blansol:


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