Our trade policy is long term focused since we try to create links of union and mutual long-term interest with our clients.

A consequence of that policy is that we try to have a sufficient but limited number of distributors in each area that let us cover adequately each area but avoiding that our products are massively distributed by any store.

With this policy we seek the identification of our clients with our products and, definitively, with our company. We want our clients to obtain a reasonable profit so that they can earn money and make their business improve.

We are specially proud that many of our clients continue working with us after several decades.

Stand of Industrial Blansol
Our sales network must work side by side with our clients giving them the necessary support in order that the investment they make in our products brings them the maximum profitability.

Our salesmen must support each client in both promotion and sales duties by visiting the technicians and the installers of the area, doing a follow-up of the building works in execution, organizing meetings about our products, helping to train the salesmen of our clients, doing economic and technical calculations and solving the problems that may arise.

For that purpose, our Commercial Department is formed by employees of BLANSOL who can dedicate the necessary time to promotion tasks that, as we all know, only bring results in the medium and long term.

To improve the training of the members of our sales team we periodically have internal seminars and we encourage them to attend all the courses that can help to improve their abilities.