BARBI system

Advantages of the sliding sleeve system for cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX)

In Blansol we are proud of being the inventors of the sliding sleeve system (Barbi system) for cross-linked polyethylene pipes (PEX pipes) in 1983.

We are one of the few European companies which offers a complete system for cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes since we produce both the pipes and the fittings (BARBI sliding sleeve fittings).

The use of Blansol Barbi system will let you benefit of the properties of the PEX and the advantages of the exclusive design of the Barbi fittings, installed in millions of meters of pipes in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Using the Barbi system you will be able to do your plumbing and heating installations in a way:

  • Fast.
  • Safe.
  • With very competitive costs.

How to install PEX pipes with Barbi sliding sleeve axial fittings

In this video we will show you how to install cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes with Industrial Blansol’s Barbi sliding sleeve fittings

As you have seen, the assembly of PEX pipes with Barbi’s sliding sleeve system is very easy.

Advantages of PEX pipes compared to metallic pipes

In Europe cross-linked polyethylene pipes are used in plumbing and heating installations for more than 40 years and every year over 400 million meters of PEX pipes are installed with a constant growth opposite to the decrease in the use of metallic pipes.

The reason for that constant increase is that PEX is a material that has great advantages:

  • Flexible.
  • Safe. The use of PEX lets the installer forget about leaks and corrosions.
  • Clean. It avoids the incrustations of lime that metallic pipes suffer.
  • Resistant to impacts.
  • Fast.

In addition, PEX is the suitable material to be used in pipes through which water at high temperature and pressure circulates since, through the cross-linking process, a perfect molecular union is obtained between the chains of polyethylene that provide the pipe with a high resistance to pressure and temperature and an exceptional duration.

Blansol Barbi sliding sleeve system for PEX pipes

Blansol produces both PEX-A and PEX-B pipes and also two different union systems compatible with those pipes: the sliding sleeve system and the press-fitting system. Discover more about them here: