Our two production plants have the most advanced technology. This has let us be the leading company of our industry in the South of Europe and compete on equal terms with our European competitors. Our manufacturing and storage facilities occupy an area of 35.000 square meters and we have one of the most modern factories in Europe in order to guarantee that our products will fully satisfy the needs of our clients overcoming even their initial expectations. In addition, in BLANSOL we are proud of having an outstanding Technical Department with an impressive know-how in the design of new products. We do in-house the entire process starting with the design of all the manufacturing tooling, the production of the first prototypes, the execution of all the initial tests and the promotion of all the new developments. Likewise, we have our own testing facilities equipped with all the necessary means to guarantee the quality of our products and to fulfill the most demanding international standards. All this lets us offer our clients not only an exceptional product range but also the support of a solid company with a deep commitment to become a leading company in the field of plastic pipe systems for hot water applications.