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    Rayper catalogue

    Expansion Ring system for PEX pipes

    Industrial Blansol introduces its new Expansion Ring system for crosslinked polyethylene pipes (PEX-a). The new system traded under commercial name Rayper, is based on the well known expansion ring technology (shrink-fit), and aimed at the distribution of hot and cold water in plumbing, heating and cooling installations.

    The expansion ring technology is based on PEX-a pipes high elasticity which, after being expanded and thanks to their plastic memory, have the property of shrinking until they reach their original dimensions, pressing over the fitting body with such a force that a reliable and lasting union is achieved, without the need to use o’rings and offering a much bigger water flow than other alternative fittings.

    Components of the Expansion Ring system

    Crosslinked Polyethylene pipes (PEX-a)

    Industrial Blansol uses the best High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the most advanced peroxide cross-linking technology in order to offer you high performing PEX-a pipes. Blansol modern technology is based on the well-known peroxide crosslinking process (PEX-a), but using the latest high power infrared ray ovens.

    Our PEX-a pipes offer you:

    1. A very competitive price.
    2. The highest flexibility.
    3. The biggest pressure resistance.
    4. The longest working life.
    5. The best behaviour against kinking.

    Plastic Rings

    The use of plastic rings, manufactured by injection moulding using special high-tech polymers, enables us to offer better dimensional precision in the rings that, together with a pipe stopping system, facilitates the assembly process. The rings are available in three different colours (red, blue and white) so you can make the pipelines easily identifiable.

    Brass Fittings

    The Rayper system exclusively uses high quality brass (CW617N alloy), which complies with the most demanding EU sanitary standards.

    Advantages of the Rayper System

    • Quick and easy assembly.
    • Bigger Water Flow and , thus, smaller pressure loss.
    • Watertight without using o’rings.
    • Even compression force through all the ring length.
    • Watertight independent of the condition of the assembly tool.
    • A 20-year safety record.
    • Compatible with all the existing PEX-a expanders for expansion ring systems.
    • One fitting for all PEX-a pipes, both PN6 and PN10 pipe series, with and without Oxygen Barrier.

    Produced in the EU

    All the components of the Rayper system are produced in-house by Industrial Blansol, in our two moderns Spanish plants, using the most advanced manufacturing technology and the best raw materials. Our strategy, based on the vertical integration of all the production processes, enables us to offer you a product of the highest quality at the best price.

    How to install PEX pipes with Rayper Expansion Ring fittings

    In this video we will show you how to install cross-linked polyethylene (PEX-a) pipes with Industrial Blansol’s Rayper Expansion Plastic Ring fittings.

    As you have seen, the assembly of PEX-a (peroxide) pipes with Rayper’s Expansion Ring system is really easy.

    Assembly Instructions

    1. Cut the pipe

    Cut the pipe using a proper pipe cutter, making a perpendicular cut and cleaning the pipe-end of grease and pipe chips.


    2. Place the ring over the pipe

    Introduce the pipe into the ring until the pipe reaches the safety stops which exist inside the ring.


    3. Expand the pipe

    Open the expander handles so the expansion head segments remain closed. Then introduce the expansion head inside the pipe-end and start expanding the pipe by bringing together the expander handles up to the end, maintaining this position for a few seconds. Repeat this process, turning the tool between expansions (*), until the pipe reaches the extreme of the expansion head closer to the tool.

    (*) this turning of the expansion head is only necessary while using manual expanders without rotating expanding heads (for expanders equipped with rotating expansion heads this turning of the expansion heads is not necessary).
    Number of expansions recommended:

    Dimensions 16×1,8 20×1,9 25×2,3 32×2,9
    Nº Expansions 4 5 7 13

    4. Insert the fitting body inside the pipe

    Release the pipe from the expander and introduce the body of the fitting inside the pipe-end immediately, pressing the body of the fitting for a few seconds until the pipe shrinks enough to hold the fitting properly, making sure that the plastic ring is in contact with the end of the fitting.


    Pressure Test

    As requested by the building standards it is compulsory to pressure test the water pipelines before covering them. Since the expansion technology is based on the plastic memory of the PEX-a pipes, which contraction increases with the time passed since the expansion was made, is important to observe a minimum waiting time before doing a pressure test. Under normal weather conditions the Rayper unions can be tested 30 minutes after the assembly. Under severe Winter conditions we recommend to increase the waiting time as indicated below:

    Temperature Over +10ºC From +6ºC
    to +10ºC
    From +1ºC
    to +5ºC
    From -4ºC
    to 0ºC
    From -9ºC
    to -5ºC
    From -15ºC
    to -10ºC
    Waiting Time 30 minutes 45 minutes 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 12 hours


    The Rayper system is included in the Barbi Guarantee program. All products manufactured by Industrial Blansol carry a 15-year guarantee for all countries, except the USA and Canada (see the conditions of the Barbi guarantee). For this guarantee to come into force it is compulsory that the pressure test has been done correctly before covering the pipelines.

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