Press-fitting system for multilayer pipes

Blansol is one of the only European manufacturers who offers a complete multilayer pipe system since the company manufactures both the pipes (PEX/Al/PEX and PERT/Al/PERT pipes) and their fittings (press-fitting technology).

Both the multilayer pipes and their press-fittings are traded under commercial brand Multipex and are made by Blansol in the factories of Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria-Spain) and Palau de Plegamans (Cantabria-Spain).

Blansol offers two different systems for the multilayer pipes:

  • Press-fitting system (Multipex system).
  • Push fit plumbing fittings (Click here for further information about our ixPress2 push-fit technology).

Blansol’s press-fitting system is universal. Our fittings are compatible with the RF, U, H and TH profiles.

Multipex system allows you to benefit from the properties of multilayer pipes and the advantages of Blansol Multipex fittings and will let you make your plumbing and heating installations quickly, safely and at very competitive prices.

Press-fitting assembly line

Advantages of Blansol’s press-fitting system

Blansol press-fitting system for PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT multilayer pipes (Multipex system) meet the following advantages:

  • Bigger resistance to traction efforts.The sleeve is positioned into the jaw in a way that improves significantly the pressing strength which implies a higher resistance to traction efforts.
  • Double chamber for corrosion prevention. With an special rubber joint placed in the ring, the contact between the three metals of our press-fitting system is prevented (stainless steel, nickel-plated brass and aluminum) eliminating completely the possibility that the water in the inner and outer part of the pipe could be in contact with the aluminum causing its corrosion.
  •  Blockade security system. It makes easier the ring tightening, avoiding the fitting from coming out of the pipe during the pressing operation.
  •  Guarantee of sealing. Our press-fitting system complies with the most demanding regulations and is certified, amongst others, by German authorities (SKZ and DVGW) which guarantee its safety and sanitary qualities.
  •  Do not change water properties.The treatment in the surface of the Multipex press-fittings complies with the most demanding sanitary regulations as we use a double tin-plated and coppered treatment. We suggest to avoid the use of nickeled or chromed fittings.


In Blansol we work to offer our clients excellent products at very competitive prices. We will be willing to inform you about our commercial proposal and to discuss the possibilities of collaboration between our companies.

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How to install Multilayer pipes (PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT) with Multipex press-fitting system

In this video you will learn how to install Multilayer Composite Pipes (PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT) with Industrial Blansol’s Multipex press-fitting system.

As you will see, the assembly of Multilayer Composite Pipes (MLC Pipes) with Multipex press-fitting system by Industrial Blansol is very easy.