Press-fitting system for multilayer pipes

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Benefit yourself from working with a real manufacturer. Working with a manufacturer like Blansol you will get better quality products, a more reliable service and more stable and competitive prices.

Save on your purchases and buy without intermediaries. Buying directly from a manufacturer like Blansol, you will save on your purchases of PEX and multilayer pipes and fittings.

A European made product. Blansol’s Multipex fittings for multilayer pipes are made in Spain with European top quality raw materials.

Multiprofile fittings. Multipex fittings are compatible with the most commonly used profiles in the European Union (RF, U, H and TH).

A complete multilayer system. Industrial Blansol is one of the only European producers that manufactures a complete system as we make both PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT pipes and three different connection systems for multilayer pipes.

New PPSU fittings. Apart from the traditional brass made fittings Blansol has incorporated a new range of PPSU fittings. The PPSU is the alternative of a top quality material at an unbeatable price.

A certified system. Multipex system meets the most demanding quality standards and is a product certified in Spain, France, Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Description of the Multipex press-fitting system

Multipex is a fitting designed to be assembled to multilayer pipes using the press-fitting technique.

Blansol’s Multipex press-fitting system is compatible with both PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes and with PERT-Al-PERT multilayer pipes.

The main advantage of the Multipex press-fitting system is its fastness and its comfort for the installer.

Blansol offers the fittings in two different versions: a metallic version (brass) and a plastic version (PPSU).

The material used in the production of the brass version is, exclusively, high quality brass (CW617N) which complies with the most demanding sanitary legislation of the European Union.

The material used to make the PPSU fittings shows high performances to be used in drinking water installations:

  • Low internal rugosity. Less pressure losses compared with brass made fittings.
  • High chemical resistance. The PPSU is not attacked by water chlorine. It does not show galvanic corrosion or oxidation. Additionally, it is not altered by building materials.
  • Weight. PPSU fittings are much lighter than brass made fittings.
  • High impact resistance. PPSU fittings are very tough and durable. They withstand hard impacts without fracturing.
  • High thermal resistance. The material withstands temperatures up to 134ºC.

Advantages of Multipex press-fitting system for multilayer pipes

The main advantage of Blansol’s Multipex press-fitting system is that its use is very quick and comfortable for the installer thanks to the use of battery tools.

Other advantages of the Multipex system are:

  • No timeouts.  The press-fitting system does not require any waits once the union has been made. The installation can be put in service immediately.
  • Tightness guarantee. Multipex press-fitting system complies with the most demanding European regulations which guarantee the tightness of the union.
  • Multiprofile fittings. Multipex fittings are compatible with the most commonly used profiles in Europe (RF, U, H and TH).
  • Increased resistance to tensile stresses. The geometry of the SS rings allows the positioning of the clamping jaw with respect to the shape of the fitting, which improves its resistance to tensile stress.
  • Low leaded brass. The brass alloy used in the production of Multipex press-fittings has low lead content and meets the most demanding European regulations concerning materials in contact with drinking water.

How to install multilayer pipes with the Multipex press-fitting system?

In this video we will show you how to install multilayer pipes with the Multipex press-fitting system.

We remind you that Multipex fittings can be used with both PEX-Al-PEX and with PERT-Al-PERT multilayer pipes.

As you will see, the use of Mutipex fittings to assemble the multilayer pipes is really easy.


New range of PPSU fittings

Between the Multipex press fitting system for multilayer pipes, Blansol has launched a range of PPSU fittings as an alternative to the traditional brass fittings.

What is the PPSU?

The PPSU is a high properties polymer used at plumbing and heating installations.

The main technical advantages of the PPSU are the following:

  • Mechanic resistance similar to the metals.
  • Dimensional stability even at high temperatures.
  • Salubrity (Healthiness) and hygiene.

Why is PPSU more competitive than brass?

Although PPSU is a very sophisticated raw material (it is used in the aerospace, chirurgic and optic industries) and, for that reason, an expensive material, it has two important advantages compared to brass:

  • Lower relative density: PPSU relative density is 6,5 times lower than that of brass so with 1 kilogramme of PPSU you can produce 6,5 more fittings than with 1 kilogramme of brass.
  • More efficient production process: PPSU manufacturing process is much more efficient than brass manufacturing process as it is made in one simple and automatized step with nearly no human intervention. To the contrary, brass manufacturing process has many different phases and is very labour intensive.

The consequence of these two advantages (quality of the product and more competitive price) is leading the top European companies of the plumbing and heating industry to launch ranges of PPSU fittings and to substitute the brass for PPSU made fittings.

Blansol has decided to offer both alternatives to the clients so they can decide if they prefer the traditional brass fittings of the new PPSU fittings.

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