Multilayer pipes (PEX-Al-PEX pipes)

Blansol offers the complete multilayer PEX-Al-PEX system as it manufactures both the PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes and their fittings in its factories at Bárcena de Cicero (Cantabria-Spain) and Palau de Plegamans (Barcelone-Spain).

With more than 50 years of experience in the extrusion industry of plastic materials Blansol offers an excellent system for the multilayer pipes at very competitive prices.

Present in more than 50 countries worldwide Blansol does not only manufacture the pipes but also the following systems for the multilayer pipes:

PEX-Al-PEX Multilayer Pipes. Blansol

Description of PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes.

PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes are an evolution of PEX pipes. Multilayer pipes have two layers of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), two layers of adhesive and an intermediate layer of aluminum.

Advantages of PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes compared to other multilayer pipes.

  • Bigger safety of the unions. Multilayer pipes produced with cross-linked polyethylene in both layers (PEX/Al/PEX), guarantee the highest safety in the unions even at high temperatures (95ºC) thanks to the improved creep resistance.
  • Get rid of the risk of leaks. Blansol Multipex pipes (PEX-Al-PEX) are designed to bear working conditions up to 95ºC and 10 bars pressure. Our PEX-Al-PEX pipes are an ideal product to bear the hardest working conditions and combined with Multipex fittings, Blansol guarantees the highest performance and the maximum safety in your installations.

Advantages of Blansol’s PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes compared to other ultrasound overlapped multilayer pipes.

The welding in Multipex pipes is “butt welded” fusing both ends of the aluminum sheet. Thanks to it, the resistance of the welding line is superior to any other line of the aluminum layer.

This does not happen in the pipes where the aluminum layer is welded by ultrasound, where the aluminum does not melt and where a welding has not really been done. Both sides of the pipe are stuck together and under certain conditions of bending, the aluminum sides might fall apart.

In the “butt welded” PEX-Al-PEX multilayer pipes the resistance of the welding line is superior to any other line of the aluminum layer, being the strongest point of the aluminum layer.

Isolated Multilayer pipes.

Blansol also manufactures the isolated multilayer pipes.

The main characteristic of multilayer isolated pipes is that we add an isolating layer of polyethylene foam to the pipe.

Thanks to this isolation, the isolated multilayer pipes have these advantages:

  • Thermal isolation of the pipe.
  • We avoid noises and vibrations in the installations.
  • Higher resistance to materials used in the construction.

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