GLADIATOR Assembly sequence

sistemas-3-montaje-1 sistemas-3-flecha
Take the BARBI fitting
required and the
GLADIATOR end joint of the
corresponding diameter.
sistemas-3-montaje-2 sistemas-3-flecha
Place the rubber joint
at the end of the
sistemas-3-montaje-3 sistemas-3-flecha
Place the ring onto the
pipe, in such a way
that the extreme point
of the greater diameter
of the ring remains next
to the end of the pipe.
sistemas-3-montaje-4 sistemas-3-flecha
The pipe has to be
calibrated in the same
way as would be
done with a BARBI
Cross-Linked pipe.
sistemas-3-montaje-5 sistemas-3-flecha
assembled once beings
calibrated on the fitting.
sistemas-3-montaje-6 sistemas-3-flecha
With the help of our Barbi
tool, slide the ring down
until the end.
sistemas-3-montaje-7 This way you will get a
quick and reliable union.


1. Replace BARBI classical ring with the special GLADIATOR rings.
2. Add the end joint to avoid corrosions caused by the contact between the aluminium of the pipe and the brass of the fittings.
3. Substitute the classical BARBI cradles, used for cross-linked polyethylene pipes with the special GLADIATOR cradles
4. Proceed to assembly exactly in the same way as with the traditional BARBI system.