Advantages of Barbi system compared to the press-fitting systems

Gladiator system has many advantages compared to the press-fitting systems.

  • Reliability. Gladiator system never fails, is 100% reliable. Press-fitting systems require the union to be made very carefully, paying attention to many details: the calibration of the pipe, not to move the O-rings from their position, use the right jaw, make sure that the fitting you are using is suitable, etc.
  • Economy. The fittings of the Gladiator system, apart from being safer, are also cheaper than press-fittings.
  • Range of product. Gladiator range of fittings is much wider than any other range of press-fitting. With the fittings of the Gladiator system, you will always find the right solution to any problem or need you may have in your installations.
  • Greater rate of flow. Gladiator system allows the circulation of a much bigger rate of flow than the press-fitting. This bigger flow is obtained thanks to the fact that in the Gladiator system we widen the pipe with the calibrating tool and we always use fittings of a bigger free internal diameter than in the case of the press-fittings.
  • Simplicity. The steps to follow with the Gladiator system are very simple. The training of new workers is not a problem anymore thanks to the simplicity of the system.

Barbi system does not need
to use O-rings and allows the
circulation of a greater flow (A)

The Press-fitting system
requires the use of O-rings
and this reduces the flow (B)