Specific advantages of Gladiator multilayer pipes

  • Resistance to high pressures. Gladiator multilayer pipes can resist higher pressures than traditional multilayer pipes. Gladiator pipes resist a pressure of 12 kg/cm2 at 95ºC whereas traditional multilayer pipes only resist 10 kg/cm2.
  • Total Security. The internal cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) layer of Gladiator multilayer pipes itself bears the usual work conditions in a plumbing and heating installation.
  • Resistance to mechanical wear and tear. Any wear and tear that may occur on the external PEX layer or on the aluminium layer will not affect the lifespan and performance of the pipe. The installer does not need to be afraid any more of the damages that can affect the pipe once he has left the building site (example: damages caused to the pipe by bricklayers).sistemas-3-tubo-gladiator
  • Reliability with possible manufacturing problems. In traditional multilayer pipes any manufacturing problem would reduce their features. However, in the case of Gladiator multilayer pipes, possible defects that could affect the outside layers such as welding, corrosion of the aluminium or adherence between layers will not affect the lifespan or the performance of the pipe since the inner PEX layer can bear perfectly the hardest work conditions.
  • Suitable range. 16 mm. pipe replaces the 15 mm. copper pipe, since they both have the same inner diameter and, therefore, the same rate of flow. This avoids the need to use 18 mm. diameter multilayer pipes and it allows the use of the classic range of fittings without any kind of modification (Diameters: 16, 20, 25 and 32).
  • One single pipe for all the applications. Thanks to the compatibility of Barbi fittings and tools with Gladiator pipes, Gladiator system can be used with Barbi fittings and tools for both heating and plumbing installations.