Specific advantages of Gladiator system for multilayer pipes

Blansol’s Gladiator multilayer pipes are compatible with Barbi fittings, widely used for the connection of PEX pipes.

This compatibility will bring you the following advantages:

  • Comfort. The same system of fittings can be used for the union of PEX pipes and for the union of Gladiator multilayer pipes. You just need to bear in mind that Gladiator system requires the replacement of the traditional Barbi rings with the Gladiator rings.
  • One single fittings stock. The compatibility avoids the need to keep a different stock of fittings for PEX pipes and another stock for multilayer pipes. This represents a considerable saving for the wholesaler and reduces problems for the installer.
  • Affordable tool. Gladiator system just requires the use of the standard Barbi tool: a reliable and handy tool, available for a modest price and widely used by the installers.
  • Versatility. Thanks to these multiple advantages, the installer will find that the use of the Gladiator system in heating and plumbing installations is very profitable.