How to fit ixPress2 push fit plumbing fittings

The push fit fitting for PEX and Multilayer (PEX-Al-PEX and PERT-Al-PERT) pipes

How is it assembled?

Follow these 3 simple steps and you will get your plumbing and heating installations done in a quick and 100% safe way thanks to the new ixPress2 technology.

01. Calibrate

sistemas-5-ejemplo-1Calibrate the pipe with a calibrator that chamfers the pipe correctly.

02. Introduce

sistemas-5-ejemplo-2Introduce the pipe in the fitting.

03. Press

sistemas-5-ejemplo-3Without waits. You can proceed immediately with the pressure test.


  • Cut the pipe (PEX or multilayer) with a proper pipe-cutter, making sure that the cut is clean.
  • Check that the end of the pipe is free of pipe chips.
  • Use exclusively Blansol pipes.

Human error free safety

Guarantee the safety of your plumbing and heating installations with the new ixPress2 technology.

The new ixPress2 is a human error free plumbing conection system. Its new technology eliminates the risk of leaks caused because of the displacement of the O-ring. In case of an incorrect calibration of the pipe it would be impossible to introduce the fitting in the pipe.

Avoid the risk of leaks with the ixPress2 technology. Blansol has managed to overcome the weak point of other push fit fittings, which is how to absorb the dimensional variations of the pipes, variations that affect the compression strength and the safety of the unions with the risk that leaks may appear.

Technical improvements introduced in the new ixPress2

  • Conic design of the final part of the brass body of the fitting. This design improves the safety of the union when the union is working under stresses and flexion efforts.
  • The gasket of the new ixPress2 is wider and elevates more over the body of the fitting. The design of the fitting eliminates the risk of displacement of the gasket while introducing the pipe in the fitting.
  • New inox retainer. The use of this material improves the safety of the unions.
  • Maximum pipe length inserted into the external cap of the fitting. The design of the fitting allows the pipe to be introduced till the end of the fitting. This improves the safety of the union.
  • Visual comprobation of the safety of the union. The external transparent cap of the new ixPress2 will let you check visually that the pipe has been correctly introduced.

Guarantee the safety in your plumbing and heating installations (PEX and multilayer) with the ixPress2 plumbing push fit technology. JOIN THE FUTURE!